Terra EDGE

A completed Project Frog
unit from Terra EDGE

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About Terra EDGE

Terra EDGE Limited supplies advanced technology and project management that overcome the inefficiencies of traditional construction. Our solutions result in an environmental structure that is both versatile and smart, providing a healthier and brighter space for the 21st Century. Terra EDGE works closely to ensure that Project Frog units are ideally suited for secondary use once their primary focus has been met.

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Terra EDGE Innovation

Smarter, better buildings are achieved through a combination of parametric design, precision fabrication, multidimensional energy performance prediction, lean manufacturing and real time monitoring. Furthermore Terra EDGE specializes in the provision of temporary units for extreme weather conditions, ideal in very hot and cold climates and locations.

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Re-Use Terra EDGE

All Project Frog units from Terra EDGE are designed to suit your needs for temporary and re-usable buildings. Our extreme weather units can be designed for secondary use as educational or medical units, once their primary function has been met. A retail or VIP unit can serve a purpose then be re-assembled elsewhere as a kindergarten or medical centre.

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